Support for Technology Implementation

Technology is a key tool in the management of information but it requires thoughtful use if it is to deliver maximum benefit and minimum disruption and negative impact.

AIMtech can help you by working with you to support the implementation of technology. This can involve baselining current activity, assisting with user engagement, scoping appropriate technologies, identifying and building a business case and providing effective and independent evaluation services:

  • Providing high quality source material and cases to inform managers and planners
  • Identify suitable potential technologies and solutions based on user consultation and management direction
  • Assisting you in building a robust business case
  • Identifying issues in change management which may impede, or reduce the effectiveness of, the introduction of the technologies chosen
  • Helping you to develop an implementation evaluation plan for the exercise
  • Collecting data and feedback at all stages of the process, and providing an expert and objective analysis service

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