Business Intelligence and Research

AIMtech Consulting Limited is committed to delivering mission oriented research and innovation. AIMTech believes that narrowing the gap between research and reality is key to successful research and innovation. As a UK based but European focused SME, we can bring a vast network of contacts to our work In the security domain and are in a unique position to help bridge the gap between academic and end-user perspectives of the problems to be solved. This approach not only adds value to the research but also helps its implementation and commercialisation of results where appropriate.

Providing background on issues of importance within or outside your organisation. Depending on the topic we can also often provide preliminary categorisation, reliability indicators and analysis, using both quantitative and qualitative techniques and tools.

Our services in this area include the rapid production of intelligence reports and briefing documents based on structured and comprehensive literature searches. We can provide tailored support and briefing on key areas of information and knowledge management as well as providing a range of services including interviews, surveys, focus groups to help you to gather internal or external viewpoints and opinions.

  • Intelligence Reports
  • Structured Literature Reviews
  • One-to-one expert support
  • Detailed market analysis
  • Survey design & administration
  • Data analysis & advanced statistics
  • Employee surveys & consultation

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