Values and Approach

These values underpin all our work:

Effective delivery

You will always deal with the principal members of staff and with the team hand picked by them. We are involved at every stage of the development of a project. We will agree a project structure with you, keep you updated while we are working and deliver what you need to the agreed timescales and budget.

Efficiency and Value

We bring together teams of staff with highly specific expertise to work on projects without providing cost effective support. We provide excellent value for money.


We appreciate that plans are sometimes disrupted and that organizations and managers have to react to the realities around them. We will work with you to agree how we can help, accommodate any changes you may need to make during the life of the project, and work to make our involvement fit your needs.


AIMtech people bring to their work not only academic knowledge and research skills, but also a depth of practical experience. We will provide you with advice which is up to date, practical and relevant.


We draw on leading academic and professional skills and never forget that the aim of the project is to improve the organization. We have experience of identifying problems and their causes and finding out how to overcome the problems and bring genuine benefits to the organization. We will produce results with you that you can use.

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