Our team is built from outstanding professionals, recognised experts in their field who provide practical, commercial-minded advice.

We draw on a wide base of staff including leading academics and highly experienced practitioners from the areas of business, public management and public safety. It is this melting pot of diversity of skills, knowledge and expertise that allows us to provide an excellent service and value to our customers.

Each project has a unique and dedicated set of contributors, custom made for the clients needs and agreed in advance before work starts.

Key staff include:

Dave Fortune

Dave is the Managing Director of AIMtech Consulting Limited. Dave has a long career in policing at a senior level. He has worked in a variety of roles and has included command positions for a air crash and major flooding and recently took a key role in regional police innovation and strategic engagement with Europe on crime and security matters. Delivering and developing new FP7 security proposals, delivering and developing new DG Home affairs crime related proposals and working to security related innovation and engagement for the regional police. His involvement in past EU initiatives include being a member of Europol’s Expert group on property crime; assisting in the development of successful DG Home Affairs and Interreg IVB bids; member of the European steering group of the FP7 EU funded COMPOSITE and SECURENV projects; Partner in FP7 Security Odyssey project; and is leading the companies work on the FP7 DISASTER project. He has also undertaken work for the EC as an expert evaluator and spoken at numerous EU security related events.

Dr. David Allen

David is Director of the AIMtech Research Group in Leeds University and a Director of AIMtech Consultancy Ltd. David’s research deals with information systems and their implications for work, information management and organizations, particularly at the strategic level. He manages the AIMtech Research Group and has completed a wide range of research projects ranging from work on information overload (funded by Accenture) through to projects focusing on the evaluation of mobile data systems .Over the last eight years he has undertaken a number of research and consultancy projects on information management management in large organisations as well as managing Research Council and EU funded projects and providing policy guidance to Government Agencies.

Alistair Norman

Alistair is a Director of AIMtech Consulting Ltd and has worked in quality management, business education and technology. Alistair has worked extensively in consultancy for educational organizations in the UK, EU and the Gulf, mainly focusing on assisting organizations to develop the management and project management capacity to incorporate and gain benefit from disruptive change. He has also worked as a senior manager in the UK public sector. Over the last eight years he has been involved in work with technology implementation in a wide range of educational and public safety environments including local government, police, fire & rescue and ambulance trusts. His recent work examines the identification and evaluation of the business impacts of technology investment with particular reference to mobile technologies such as handheld and in-vehicle computing.

Professor Tom Wilson

Tom is Professor Emeritus in Information Management at the University of Sheffield and Visiting Professor and Advisor at the Högskolan i Borås, Sweden. Tom’s principal research area is information seeking behaviour in which he has researched and published extensively. In his previous post Tom was Head of the Department of Information Studies at Sheffield University (a department that consistently achieved the highest possible grade of 5* in the Research Assessment Exercise). He is one of the most cited authors in the field of information behaviour. Tom provides high level research design and analysis skills for AIMtech as well as providing access to specific expertise on the applications of information management to organisational performance.

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