We have worked with a range of clients on consultancy projects both as AIMtech Research Group and more recently as AIMtech Consulting.

As a company we have a proven track record of delivering high quality projects, on time, and on budget. The company has achieved rapid managed growth and now has a client list which includes central and local government (public safety and emergency management, education and health), regulatory bodies and large ‘Blue Chip’ multinationals.

Examples of areas we have worked in recently include:

  • The design and delivery of a technical evaluation looking at the impact of the introduction of mobile data to front line policing in the UK.
  • The development of a structure for, and delivery of, a wide range of case studies of mobile technology use for information management in the local government sector.
  • The development of an evaluation strategy for mobile data with a consortium of UK Police Forces, together with associated data collection to inform the process of evaluation.
  • Identification of cultural and information management issues in a large private company.
  • Production of a market survey on the potential impact of next generation wireless technologies for a Government Agency.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to have any further information on our work history or references, we shall be happy to provide this to you.

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